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A Chassidisher Derher is a monthly publication offering a rich variety of Chassidishe content, through magazines and similar channels. Chassidishe mayses, Sichos, guidance from the Rebbe, and feature articles are just some examples of what you will find in A Chassidisher Derher.

Though geared towards Yeshiva Bochurim, A Chassidisher Derher has become a hit amongst Lubavitchers of all ages.

Whether strengthening Bochurim’s Darkei Hachassidus, easy Chassidishe reading material for children, or enlivening your Shabbos table with timeless messages, A Chassidisher Derher magazine can soon become a staple for your family. Have it delivered to your home by logging on to www.Derher.org/Subscribe.

*A Chassidisher Derher is under the auspices of the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim, and all articles are original content by the staff of A Chassidisher Derher. All content is under copyright of A Chassidisher Derher, reproduction of any portion is not permitted without expressed consent of A Chassidisher Derher.

A Look at our Numbers

In addition to the 2,000 copies that are distributed to Yeshivos,

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