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“I deeply appreciate your hard work for this most wonderful tool of Hiskashrus for our entire family.”
“We love the Derher and feel it is important for everyone to have access to this kind of content. Please convey to everyone on the team how fantastic we think it is and how critical it is for Hafotzas Hamaayonos”
“I find the Chassidisher Derher to be a necessity for young bochurim as well as for Anash. The Derher sheds light and information on numerous basic concepts in the relationship between Rebbe and Chossid; in the teachings of the Rebbe, in the campaigns of the Rebbe and so on. This serves as a guide and Ruach Chaim for chassidim all over the world. “
“I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for publishing the beautiful kuntres of stories of the Rebbe in connection with Gimmel Tammuz. Each one is a gem and the entire collection was, for me, an emotional read. It truly drives home the fact that דער רבי וועט” געפינען א וועג ווי עם צו ענטפערן”.
Thank you for providing rich chassidisher content for the public!

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